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What is a Xmas tree in oil and gas?

In the oil and gas industry, a Christmas tree is a crucial piece of equipment that provides flow control for oil or gas wells. It is a vertical assembly of valves, gauges, and chokes that allow for precise adjustments in flow control, as well as injections to stimulate production. The Christmas tree plays a vital role in the production process of oil and gas wells. It ensures that the flow of oil or gas into the pipeline is controlled and metered accurately. The valves on the Christmas tree regulate the flow rate, pressure, and temperature of the oil or gas, while the gauges provide real-time measurements of these parameters.

The Christmas tree also allows for the injection of chemicals or other substances to enhance production. By adjusting the chokes, operators can control the injection rate and stimulate the flow of oil or gas from the well. This can increase production efficiency and maximize the recovery of hydrocarbons from the reservoir.

The Christmas tree is an essential component of the wellhead system, which also includes the wellhead and other related equipment. It is important to maintain the Christmas tree in good condition to ensure reliable and safe operation of the well throughout its lifecycle.

Oil Coventional Wellhead And Christmas Tree

Types of christmas tree oil and gas

The three most popular types used in the petroleum industry are:

1. Conventional and Dual Bore Subsea Trees. Vertical Christmas trees can have a conventional single bore or dual bore configuration that allows operations to monitor annulus pressure.

2. Standard Configuration Trees.

3. High-Pressure High-Temperature Trees (HPHT)

Xmas tree price  ( FOB price China ), by www.alibaba.com

  • xmas tree equipment in oil and gas wellhead christmas tree $35,500.00 - $35,999.00

  • High pressure oil field christmas tree / oil and gas xmas tree / xmas tree drilling from china $34,000.00 - $35,000.00

  • API 6A ESP X-mas Tree / Oil Christmas Tree subsea xmas tree equipment in oil and gas $9,999.00 - $13,000.00

  • Wellhead and christmas tree for oil drilling API 6A oil well Xmas tree $30,000.00

  • Oil/gas Well Wellhead Christmas Tree $6,000.00

  • good price API Wellhead Christmas tree X-tree for oil and gas well Wellhead equipment $28,000.00 - $30,000.00


  • High quality Petroleum drilling christmas tree / oil producing tree / X-mass tree for wellhead made in china $2,850.00 - $3,000.00

  • oil-gas field used high pressure wellhead christmas tree oil well Xmas tree producing tree $15,000.00

  • Oil Well Xmas Tree /Christmas Tree /Oil Gas Field Drilling Equipment with Factory Price $50,000.00

  • High quality 10000psi ESP Wellhead Christmas Tree for source service $9,900.00 - $10,000.00

  • API 6A Oilfield Wellhead Equipment casing head assembly/Xmas oil tree for oil and gas $4,800.00 - $5,500.00

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Offshore Wellhead And X-Mas Tree

PR2 Wellhead And Christmas Tree

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